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Race Across the West

  • Race Across the West 2016: Sarah's Report

    Sarah Cooper climbs on the way to Flagstaff in Race Across the West 2016by Sarah Cooper, Ultracyclist

    Race Across the West
    928.4 miles
    Start: Tuesday, June 14, 2016
    Oceanside, California to Durango, Colorado

    I’ve always said that I would have a hard time writing about a race that went well, and such has been the case for Race Across the West. 928 miles, from California to Colorado with over 50,000 feet of climbing. Yes, it went very well, and mostly according to plan. The race plan my coach put together had me arriving in Durango pretty close to Leah Goldstein’s record time from 2012 [2d 14h 3m]. Even with the extra 68 miles on this year’s course, we beat her record and his prediction, arriving in 2 days, 11 hours, and 59 minutes. The overall win was a bonus, and a tribute to my skilled crew.

    We had our share of trials. Three flat tires, and a loose headset resulting in a severe case of speed wobbles on a fast descent. A support vehicle that had to be towed out of the desert sand. Temps as high as 112, and lows in the 40s. Sandstorms, tough crosswinds, road construction, traffic, elk and wild horses on the road, hypothermia… and a rider determined to push the limits of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. We managed it all with good humor. I am so proud of my crew, and thrilled with what we accomplished.

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  • Sarah Cooper in Race Across the West

    Sara Cooper is racing in the Race Across the WestOn Tuesday, June 14, Sarah Cooper begins Race Across the West (RAW). This race from Oceanside, California to Durango, Colorado follows the first 928 miles of the RAAM route.

    UPDATE: Sarah Cooper has won Race Across the West, beating all the women and men! There are links to media coverage at the end of this article.

    Sarah has done multiple races around the 500-mile mark, and has always raced straight through without any rest breaks. (For perspective, those races take her around 30 hours.) There are no mandatory rest breaks in Race Across the West; however, taking rest breaks is necessary to complete this distance. It will be interesting to see when and for how long she takes them.

    The route takes racers through deserts, plains, and mountains. It climbs over the Sierra Mountains before crossing the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado are all part of the course.

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