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  • Des Moines Dirty Duathlon 2018: Shane Molyneux's Report

    by Shane Molyneux

    Des Moines Dirty Duathlon
    2.2 mile trail run, 10 mile mountain bike, 2.2 mile trail run
    Greenwood Park, Des Moines, Iowa
    Saturday, November 10th, 2018

    I have competed in many competitions: 5Ks, Market to Market Relay, IMT Des Moines Marathon Relay, Taming of the Slough, Annawan Canal Ambush, Trestle Hustle Duathlon, and the Above and Beyond Adventure Tri.

    Many of these were trying races that make you push yourself beyond where you have been before. The Des Moines Dirty Duathlon would prove to be test I had not come across before.
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  • Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra 2018: Kyle Platts' Report

    Kyle Platts raced the cold and rainy Spotted Horse Gravel Ultraby Kyle Platts

    Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra: Short Course
    150 Mile Gravel Bike Race
    St. Charles, Iowa
    Saturday, October 6, 2018

    Sarah Cooper is certainly making a name for herself as a race director. 2018 is the third year for the Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra, and it ended up being the toughest year yet. The standard race is 200 miles, while you can opt to do the 150 mile “sprint” course.

    I am relatively new to gravel cycling and ultra cycling. In 2017, I rode the 150-mile sprint course on my Specialized Fatboy. For 2018, I decided to go for the 200-mile race on my BMC CrossMachine in ultra gravel trim.

    Unfortunately, a couple of mistakes and some bad luck ended my day early.

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  • Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2018: Larry's Report

    By Larry Enos

    Larry Enos started his triathlon year at the Life Time Fitness Indoor TriathlonLife Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon
    10 minute pool swim, 30 minute exercise bike, 20 minute treadmill run
    Urbandale, Iowa
    Sunday, January 21, 2018

    I became a triathlete again.

    Now, it could be said I never stopped being a triathlete since May 11, 2013 when I crossed the finish line at the Waukee Y Pieathlon Sprint. But the intervening five years were less than impressive.

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  • Sarah Cooper in Race Across America

    We are tracking Sarah Cooper in Race Across AmericaOn Tuesday, June 13, Sarah Cooper began Race Across America (RAAM). This single-stage, ultracycling race begins in Oceanside, California and covers 3069 miles to Annapolis, Maryland. The clock runs the entire time.

    At Kyle's Bikes, we are very proud to be supporting Sarah. We will be tracking her the whole way and sharing information with her fans. Bookmark this article—it will be the best source of information on Sarah's progress. Check back often (and scroll down), because we will be updating a couple times a day or more.

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  • Trans Iowa v13: Sarah's Report

    by Sarah Cooper, Ultracyclist

    Sarah Cooper ready to race Trans Iowa v13Trans Iowa v13
    Grinnell, Iowa
    April 29–30, 2017

    I had all but given up on blogging since Race Across the West last year, but I’ve ended the blog hiatus to do at least one post on Trans Iowa v13. It’s hard not to want to talk about your experiences at a race like Trans Iowa. It’s unique, it’s brutal, and in any given year you never can say if or when you’ll finish. Now I’m two and two: two finishes and two DNFs. Both finishes were on an even numbered year, so I’m holding out hope for a TIv14.

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  • Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra 2016: Katherine's Report

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra: Katherine's Race ReportSpotted Horse Gravel Ultra: Short Course
    150 Mile Gravel Bike Race
    St. Charles, Iowa
    Saturday, October 29, 2016

    The Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra is Sarah Cooper's creation. Successful as a road and gravel ultracyclist, she wanted to step into the role of race director as well. The headline race was 200 miles, and she offered a 150-mile version for those who couldn't fathom riding 200 miles of gravel and dirt roads but still wanted to push themselves to their own version of epic. For both courses she promised, "the best big hills, small towns, old barns, rickety bridges, and B roads that I can find."

    I am primarily a mountain biker and had only ever done two 100-mile rides (one paved, one flat gravel, both last year) but bunches of 100K gravel rides. The 150-mile Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra felt epic yet possible, if I trained. I was the first to sign up when registration opened in May.

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