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  • Why Protein for Endurance Athletes

    by Eric Bockelman, Dietitian

    Why Protein for Endurance AthletesWhether you are a swimmer, cyclist, or runner, endurance- and cardio-oriented athletes typically fuel their bodies with carbs and skip over one of the most important building blocks in an athlete’s diet: protein. Whether you are a bodybuilder or a marathoner, it is important to integrate adequate amounts of amino acids/protein into your diet. These nutrients are necessary not only for muscle formation but for muscle repair.

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  • The GRID STK Review

    by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

    Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz uses the GRID STKWe’ve carried several of the innovative products from Trigger Point for a number of years, including The GRID® Foam Roller. The newest Trigger Point product arrived recently and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. We are pleased to introduce you to The GRID STK®.

    The GRID STK is a compact, hand-held foam roller that allows you to pinpoint muscular aches and pain, isolate them, and relieve the pain in ways not possible otherwise.

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  • It’s the Off-Season. Relax!

    by Pro Triathlete Alex

    Alex Libin relaxes in the off-seasonThe leaves have fallen and, for some, snow is on the ground. For many athletes, the off-season is in full swing. And you deserve it—spending most of the year on a rigorous training regime can leave even the most type-A athlete depleted. November is finally a time to kick back and catch up on all those forgotten parts of your life: friends, dirty garages, pets, family, work, and social life.

    But where to start… and how? After all, you most likely became an athlete because you enjoy the challenge each workout brings and the structure it provides in your life. How do you function now that this has been taken away from you?

    It’s common for athletes of all levels to experience some level of withdrawal and depression during this downtime period. Physically, your brain is no longer receiving a healthy dose of mood boosting endorphins, and mentally, you may lack the feeling of completing a challenge. So how do you combat this and come into next season stronger than ever?

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  • Foam Roller: Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

    Foam roller can work out hip painby Patrick Davis

    If you are reading this, you are either an athlete or know one. This is a triathlon [and more!] website and blog after all!

    All athletes and friends of athletes know that stretching, massage, and other forms of muscle relief are important for overall athletic health. One thing that may already have become a room fixture for you is a foam roller.

    The foam roller is a home tool used for relieving sore spots, knots, and other athletic pains. No, it is not a torture device. I’m sorry to say that the process is not altogether pleasant, but it does leave you feeling much better. Personally I have very tight IT bands and use the roller religiously to keep that pain under control. I also find it very beneficial for lower legs, quads, and lower back.

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  • The Stick: Easy DIY Exercise Recovery

    by Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz 

    The Stick comes in different lengths and stiffnessesThe Stick bills itself as “A Toothbrush for Muscles” and the description could not be more accurate. We all rely on our toothbrush to keep our teeth healthy and The Stick does the exact same thing for our muscles.

    These simple little devices have been around for years. I bought myself a Stick shortly after I ran my first marathon in 1997, and they were already standard equipment in many runners' do-it-yourself therapy arsenals.  But I am still surprised by how many runners, cyclists, and triathletes are still unaware of the benefits of The Stick.

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