• Market to Market Relay: Jesse Veenstra's Race Report

    Jesse Veenstra ran for the Kyle's Bikes team in the Market to Market RelayMarket to Market Relay
    75 mile Relay Running Race
    Jefferson to Des Moines, Iowa
    Saturday, May 9, 2019

    This marked my fifth year of running in the Iowa Market to Market Relay race, a ~75 mile (depending on the year) team relay event from Jefferson to downtown Des Moines, primarily following the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

    Each year, I participate in several running races and triathlons including marathons and Ironmans, but this easily is my favorite event each and every year. As a team, we are lucky to have Kyle’s Bikes as a sponsor of the event and loaning the sweet minivan for us to use.  Continue reading

  • Track Spikes

    by Robert Seaberg

    Track spikes can improve your performanceTrack season means it’s time for some new shoes. For most track participants, this means a pair of training shoes, and for many participants, it also means it is time for a new pair of track spikes.

    The prospect of purchasing two pairs of shoes for one season may appear excessive. Rest assured, however, there are significant differences between training shoes and racing spikes. Most importantly, having a pair of spikes to accompany your training shoes is essential to making the most out of your season. And don't forget, we are here to help you.

    Continue reading

  • Runner Gift Guide 2016

    Runner Gift Guide 2016Kyle's Bikes has been a running store as long as we've been a bike store. Gear, accessories, knowledge... we have it, and you'll find it in our runner gift guide. Make the runner in your life happy this holiday season with one (or more!) of these great gift ideas.

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  • Which Watch? How to Find Your Next Sports Watch

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    PrintDo you find yourself asking, "Which watch should I get?" … Poll your friends, tri club, or running group for the best watch—you'll get at least twenty different answers, and it will only tell you which watch is right for them. We will help you find which watch is the best sports watch for you.

    First you need to imagine yourself using the watch. What do you plan to use it for? What might you also want to use it for? Continue reading

  • Garmin Forerunner 35 Product Announcement

    Garmin Forerunner 35 is available for pre-orderThe Garmin Forerunner 35 is going to fill a nice little spot in Garmin's lineup of watches. It is a simple GPS with all the basic features a runner needs. And it has daily activity tracking features such as step counting and sleep monitoring. On top of that, it has built-in wrist-based heart rate, so you can head out for a run anytime you want without needing to put on a chest strap.

    The watch tracks distance, pace/speed, calories, intervals, where you run, and heart rate. Enjoy the solitude and upload your data to Garmin Connect when you return to your computer. Or pair your Garmin Forerunner 35 with a compatible smartphone for connected features.

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  • Find Relief from the Summer Sun

    by Katherine A. Roccasecca

    Find Relief from the Summer SunAs the days lengthen and the weather warms up, we have to do our workouts—including our long runs and bike rides—anyway. But if there is one thing we crave, it's relief from the summer sun.

    That's why we put our heads together and brainstormed all the tips and products we could think of that have made training in summer in Iowa easier for us. Here, we're sharing it with you.

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