• Track Spikes

    by Robert Seaberg

    Track spikes can improve your performanceTrack season means it’s time for some new shoes. For most track participants, this means a pair of training shoes, and for many participants, it also means it is time for a new pair of track spikes.

    The prospect of purchasing two pairs of shoes for one season may appear excessive. Rest assured, however, there are significant differences between training shoes and racing spikes. Most importantly, having a pair of spikes to accompany your training shoes is essential to making the most out of your season. And don't forget, we are here to help you.

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  • Bike Shoes, Pedals, and Cleats Buying Guide

    Bike shoes, pedals, and cleats buying guideBike shoes, pedals, and cleats… Oh my!

    If you've decided you want to make the move to clipless pedals, but you're having a hard time figuring out which shoe is compatible with which pedal, we can help!

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  • Spin Class Bike Shoes Buying Guide

    Spin Class Bike Shoe Buying GuideMaybe you are taking spin class and have been using your running shoes. However, maybe you want better foot position to avoid discomfort or want a stiffer sole so you can transfer more power to the pedals. There are many good reasons to upgrade to bike shoes for both outdoor and indoor cycling. If you are having trouble figuring out which ones to get, we can help you find the right spin class bike shoes.

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  • 21st Century Shoes

    by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

    21st Century ShoesIn the ten or so years I’ve been in the running shoe business, I’ve seen trends come and go, shoe technology evolve, and inevitably, prices go up. Trends will continue and new ones will emerge, technology will evolve, and prices will continue to rise. Some of these changes are significant improvements and give us "21st century shoes."

    Many people resist change: I frequently hear the lament “Why did they have to change my favorite shoe?” That’s just the nature of a competitive industry. Like the highly competitive auto and electronics industries, innovation and evolution drive the shoe brands to continually look for ways to improve their offerings. Each brand keeps a keen eye on the competition and the trends that seem to be catching on with the running public.

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  • Topo RT Running Shoe Review

    by Andy Bernholtz, Kyle’s Bikes 2014 Triathlon Team

    Topo Running Shoe

    Kyle's Bikes carries three of the Topo running shoes: the RX is the trainer, the RT is the long distance running shoe, and the RR is their performance race shoe. I went with the RT because, from a feel perspective, they gave more support and had the weight that allowed me to trust they would not give me problems if this were truly a good running shoe.

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  • Altra Torin Review

    by Sarah Cooper, Long Course Triathlete

    Altra Torin Running ShoesI've only been running in Altra Torin shoes for two months, but my experience has been so overwhelmingly positive that Bill asked me to share my thoughts about these shoes.

    I am 42 years old and have been a consistent year round runner for eight years. I have never been a high mileage runner, usually averaging 30–45 miles a week. I am primarily a long course triathlete and ultra distance cyclist, but I absolutely love to run.

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