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St. Anthony’s Triathlon

Race reports and information on St. Anthony’s Triathlon
  • St. Anthony’s Triathlon: Tanelle Berard's Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Tanelle

    First off, I want to share how incredibly excited I was to race this event! The field was incredibly talented, and I was honored to race with these amazing women for my first non-draft professional race. Read the start list with everyone's main accomplishments to give you an idea of the talent I was racing with.

    So, given the fact that this was my first non-draft professional event and the field was so deep, I set a modest goal for myself of finishing in the top half. I definitely exceeded my expectations with a 13th place finish (out of 32).

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  • St. Anthony’s Triathlon: Alex Libin’s Race Report

    by Pro Triathlete Alex 

    St. Anthony Triathlon Swim StartI had signed up for St. A’s (4/28/2013) at the beginning of April. I have always heard about what an incredible race this is, and I really wanted to be a part of it. This year the pro field was ridiculously stacked. With big money and even bigger qualifying points for Hy-Vee, everybody wants a piece of the action. The race organizers even put together a cool list showing everyone’s accomplishments. For me to even be on the starting line with guys of this caliber was reason enough to sign up. I’d have front row tickets to a brutal triathlon throw down!

    After a successful Collegiate Nats, I had high hopes for what I could potentially do in St. A’s. Those plans got a little derailed though, as my ankle sprain was much worse than I thought and what was supposed to be a few days of no running turned into basically two weeks of zero intensity in all three sports. Turns out the ankle is a critical joint in swimming and I even struggled to put pressure on the bike pedals during rides. A few days before St. A’s I was finally able to run again, and the day before the race I could even manage to take right turns pain free.

    So although I hadn’t really done much training going into the race, the plane tickets were already paid for and, at least structurally speaking, there was nothing damaged anymore… just some residual swelling.

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