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Articles and information about tandem cycling
  • Iowa Gravel Classic 2019: Team Cow's Race Report

    Team Cow won the tandem division at Iowa Gravel Classic 2019by Pat & Gabrielle Coughlin, Team Cow

    Iowa Gravel Classic
    100 km Gravel Bike Race
    Whiterock Conservancy, Coon Rapids, Iowa
    Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Gabrielle and I don’t really consider ourselves racers. Sure, we do Gents Race and we did the Loess Hills Enduro last year, but other than an Iowa Games road race more than ten years ago, that is the extent of our “racing” experience. I’d also like to note that this is our first ever “race report” so, just like racing, we really don’t know what the heck we’re doing!  Continue reading

  • Employee Profile: Dave Hammer

    Dave Hammer is Kyle's Bikes Waukee Store Team LeaderWith the Kyle's Bikes expansion into Waukee, it is time to introduce everyone to Dave Hammer.

    Dave has been unofficially working at Kyle's Bikes since the Ankeny store opened ten years ago. Kyle asked him—along with his wife and tandem stoker, Cindy—to be the leader of the Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night Ride. They said yes and have been leading the ride since then.

    Officially, he has been an employee since the Monday after the 2018 Kyle's Bikes Parking Lot Sale. That's when he began working day-to-day in the store and preparing for the opening of the Waukee location where he will be Waukee Store Team Leader.

    Continue reading

  • National 24-Hour Challenge: Kyle’s Race Report

    by Kyle “Kyle’s Bikes” Robinson

    Kyle Robinson and Dave Hammer competed in the National 24-Hour Challenge, one of the nation’s premiere cycling events, June 15–16, 2013 in Middleville, Michigan. Kyle is owner of Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny, Iowa, and Dave is his long-time friend.

    Kyle Robinson and Dave Hammer at the National 24-Hour ChallengeOn the 8-hour drive to Michigan with our wives, Dave and I discussed our strategies and goals, AKA, our game plan. First thing we did when we pulled in town was find the race venue and set up our screened in tent for our home base. Next we found the hotel about 35 minutes away. The Hammers grew up and started their married life in Grand Rapids so we strolled down memory lane a bit. We ended up at Cindy's (Dave’s wife) mom’s for a quick visit, and then off to dinner.

    This town is on the very edge of the Eastern Time Zone, so it's still light at 10:00 p.m. It got late on us and we still wanted to get supplies at the grocery store. Finally back at the hotel room, we decided on a 5:45 a.m. wake-up time so we can eat breakfast in the very nice cafe area in our hotel. That gave us almost 5 1/2 hours to sleep, which went well.

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