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The GRID STK Review

by Bill “Guru of Shoe” Lorenz

Bill "Guru of Shoe" Lorenz uses the GRID STKWe’ve carried several of the innovative products from Trigger Point for a number of years, including The GRID® Foam Roller. The newest Trigger Point product arrived recently and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. We are pleased to introduce you to The GRID STK®.

The GRID STK is a compact, hand-held foam roller that allows you to pinpoint muscular aches and pain, isolate them, and relieve the pain in ways not possible otherwise.

Instructions that come with The GRID STK demonstrate its use on upper and lower legs, torso, neck, and upper arms. Videos on the Trigger Point website further illustrate The GRID STK in use. Watching the videos, I was impressed with how slowly and deliberately the demonstrator was using the product.

I’ve been using The GRID STK here at the shop to keep me going on my daily 25-mile round trip bike commute, and I’ve felt less fatigued and more comfortable on the bike. I’ve become a true believer in the benefits of daily foam rolling, and The GRID STK delivers those benefits more effectively than other products I’ve tried.

After my last few marathons and ultra cycling events I’ve enjoyed the luxury of a hands-on massage by a professional sports massage therapist. The GRID STK or any similar product will never equal the comfort and relief these experts can provide. However, to address day-to-day minor aches and pains, The GRID STK is extremely effective in increasing circulation and blood flow, hastening recovery from vigorous exercise.

Trigger Point GRID STKThe GRID STK comes in two densities: Regular (Orange) and Extra Firm (Black). I invite you to visit us here in the running room at Kyle’s Bikes and try The GRID STK for yourself.



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    I tried it out while I was there Friday, after taking photos of Bill. I was very sore from slow hill climbs I did Wednesday evening and was worried about carrying that soreness level into Saturday's race. I really did feel a lot better immediately afterward (Don't ask about during), and had forgotten any soreness by Saturday. I'll need to put this on my holiday wish list.