Top 10 Triathlon Gift Ideas 2015

Triathlon Gift Ideas

Top Ten Triathlon Gift Ideas 2015Winter is the perfect time to give gifts to triathletes! With the cold weather, they are all cooped up, sad without regular races to prep for, and probably pacing the floor. Give them some brand new gear for next season or something they can use to make winter training more bearable.

We want to help you find the right gifts to bring joy back to your loved one’s face, so we have compiled this list of the top ten triathlon gift ideas.

In addition, we have created a 2015 Triathlete Gift Buying Guide section of our website where you will find gifts for every budget:

Read on to find the top ten gifts for triathletes this year.

1. Training and Racing Nutrition

Gift: Nutrition StockingYou can take a couple of different approaches with this one. You could find out what your athlete’s favorite products are and stuff their stocking with those. Or you could pick out the widest variety of training and racing nutrition possible to create the ultimate sampler. This time of year is the perfect time for sampling: They have months before race season starts to test them all out and maybe find some new favorites.

Price: Varies

Triathlon Nutrition: Buy Now

2. XLAB Mezzo Cage Pod

Gift: XLAB Mezzo Cage PodThe XLAB Mezzo Cage Pod is a great waterproof, on-bike storage solution for your triathlete or cyclist. It has an extra wide opening, a protective micro fleece bag, and a large capacity. It fits securely in a water bottle cage.

Price: $10.95

XLAB Mezzo Cage Pod: Buy Now

Go the extra mile and include some tire levers, CO2 inflator, and/or multi-tool.

3. Xtenex X300 Flared Knot Laces

Gift: Xtenex x300 LacesGive your triathlete the gift of speed. Once he or she puts these shoe laces in, there is no need to ever spend time tying them again. Triathlon is a sport where it isn’t just enough to swim, bike, and run fast. You need to change shoes, fast, too.

With plenty of colors to choose from you can match their shoes, their kit, or their favorite sports team. Have fun!

Price: $14.95

Xtenex X300 Flared Knot Laces: Buy Now

Read our Triathlon Shoe Laces Buying Guide to watch a video on how to install and use them.

4. Trigger Point GRID Mini Foam Roller

Gift: Trigger Point GRID MiniLike its larger sibling, the Trigger Point GRID, the Grid Mini has a strong PVC core wrapped in firm EVA foam. At just 4 by 5 inches, however, it is super portable. This makes it the perfect gift for the friend or family member always complaining of aching muscles, and isn’t that pretty much every triathlete?

Price: $24.99

Trigger Point GRID Mini Foam Roller: Buy Now

5.  Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

Gift: Park Tool Repair BookFor the do-it-yourself-er, consider the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. This richly illustrated guide has detailed instructions for everything from trailside repairs, to regular maintenance, to complete overhauls.

Price: $22.46

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair: Buy Now

6. TYR Ultralight Snorkel

Gift: TYR Ultralight SnorkelDoes your triathlete love swim toys? Those tools that make a workout more interesting and improve your technique? Get them a training snorkel. These aren't like your usual family vacation snorkel. The teardrop-shaped breathing tube comes up the front/center of the face and a comfortable silicone strap holds it securely in place. Because the swimmer then doesn't need to worry about breathing, they can see and concentrate on arm position through the pull phase of the stroke.

Price: $27.99

TYR Ultralight Snorkel: Buy Now

7. Serfas Folding Floor Pump Quick Draw

Gift: Serfas Folding Floor PumpThere is so much stuff that needs to be packed up and carted around on race day. Make things a bit easier with the Serfas Folding Floor Pump Quick Draw. It folds for easy storage and is perfect for traveling.

Price: $60.00

Serfas Folding Floor Pump: Buy Now

8. Serfas USL-505 Headlight and USL-TL60 Taillight Combo

Gift: Serfas LightsShow your triathlete or cyclist how much you care by helping them stay safe. This is a very powerful combo pack. It features 505 lumens in the headlight and 60 lumens in the taillight. Both lights are USB rechargeable.

Price: $120.00

Serfas Light Combo: Buy Now

9. Triathlon Training Swim Kit

Gift: Triathlon Training Swim KitGive your triathlete a head start in the pool with a bundle that includes all the key swim training tools. Our Triathlon Training Swim Kit starts with the basics (swim cap, goggles, water bottle) and adds swim training tools: fins, hand paddles, kickboard, and pull float. It even includes a gym towel and a bag to put it all in. For most of the items, you can select the colors that will please your athlete the most.

Price: $149.99

Triathlon Training Swim Kit: Buy Now

Consider one our other money-saving triathlon swim kits, and read our buying guide for suggested swim sets and instructions for using the tools.

10. PowerTap C1 Chainring Power Meter

Gift: PowerTap C1 Chainring Power MeterThe best way to improve on the bike is to know how much power you are generating and do workouts targeted toward improving that power. The PowerTap C1 Chainring Power Meter is a full-featured, crank-based power meter that measures total power and provides left/right balance based on position within the pedal stroke. It broadcasts data using Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ simultaneously so it works with most computers out there. You just need to find out which size chainrings your athlete wants.

Price: $699.99

PowerTap C1 Chainring Power Meter: Buy Now

11. Discount Tri Supply Gift Card

Gift: Gift CardYes, this list of the top ten triathlon gift ideas has eleven ideas. If your triathlete is particular about things, you might just want to get a gift card and let them pick exactly what they want. That's okay, too!

Price: Varies

Gift Card:  Buy Now

If you need more ideas, check out the 2015 Triathlete Gift Buying Guide section of our website.

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