Triathlon Swim Bundles Buying Guide

Beginner Swim Bundle

by Katherine A. Roccasecca and Tami Ritchie

Use a triathlon swim bundle to get ahead in your trainingWe are excited about our triathlon swim bundles because they provide options for both athletes new to triathlon and all levels of athletes.

Many triathletes come from a biking or running background, with limited swim experience and no swim gear lying around. Our bundles include all the necessary tools to train for the swimming leg of a triathlon. This guide will help you choose the right bundle for you get the most out of those tools.

The items in the beginner triathlon swim bundle are included in all the kits, so we'll cover it first.

Beginner Triathlon Swim Bundle

Beginner Triathlon Swim BundleThe first and most important thing to do in swim training is to get to the pool and swim. The beginner triathlon swim bundle with these basics will get you there:

Swim Cap: The TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap stretches without tearing and goes on easily. Once on, the cap keeps your hair out of the way and stays on without pulling or tugging.

Goggles: TYR Velocity Metallized Goggles have low-profile lenses which provide excellent peripheral vision, are anti-fog and UV protected, and reflect light and reduce glare. They are ideal for racing and training, particularly outdoors in the sun.

Water Bottle: The Discount Tri Supply bottle is a Specialized 24-ounce Big Mouth with an ice-cube-friendly top and easy-squeeze sides.

Bag: The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack carries all your gear to the pool and back. The straps make it easy to carry, and the mesh panels help everything to air out.

Beginner Triathlon Swim Bundle:  Buy Now

Triathlon Training Swim Bundle

Triathlon Training Swim BundleThe triathlon training swim bundle includes the basics above plus swim training tools (AKA, "swim toys") to improve the effectiveness of the time you spend in the pool. We'll explain how to use each of them and give you examples of some sets you can add to your favorite workouts. Hand paddles and fins come in a variety of sizes, so read below to make sure you get the correct ones.

We designed this triathlon swim bundle to help you improve your technique.


  • TYR Burner EBP Fins
  • TYP Burner Fins Size Chart

TYR Burner EBP Fins will help you to become a stronger kicker while keeping your kick speed up (high cadence). Longer fins are great too, and will build more strength, but tend to slow your kick down. Tami often finds herself telling triathletes to think "small fast kicks," and these fins will help the athlete stick to that goal while building leg strength.

Select the appropriate size: Based on your shoe size, consult the size chart. If you border sizes, size up.

How to use: To put them on, simply get your feet and the fins wet and slip them on! Use the fins to aid kick during swim sets, to kick with a kickboard, to kick without a kickboard, or for vertical kicking.

Example sets:

  • 12 x 100 with TYR Burner EBP Fins, done as alternating 6 x (100 kick with board, rest 0:15,  100 swim with strong kick, rest 0:20)
  • 8 x 0:45 vertical kicks with 0:45 rest (in deep end, kick with your body vertical)
  • First, try kicking with hands at the surface. Try with hands out of the water. Then try hands above head in streamline. This video shows streamline position.

Hand Paddles

  • TYR Mentor 2 Swim Paddles
  • TYR Mentor 2 Size Chart

Hand paddles increase upper body strength and improve technique. We have selected the TYR Mentor 2 Training Paddles because they are perfect for swimmers of all levels; are durable, lightweight, and flexible; and have a variety of lacing options.

Select the appropriate size: Beginners will want to pick the size closest to the same size as, or just slightly bigger than, their hand. Measure the longest and widest part of your hand and compare it to the size chart. You do not want a paddle that is shorter than your hand; it won't do what it is designed to. Avoid going much bigger (for example, 2"+ around the outside of your hand) to avoid strain and injury.

How to use: The straps can be applied in many different ways. Personally, Tami always recommends going with as little strap as possible—this assists in assuring you use proper technique. With many straps (for example, one spanning three fingers and one on your wrist), it really secures the paddle to your hand. You could pull your hand through the water backwards and the paddle would not fall off. You probably aren't pulling backward, but if you do have flaws, you may not get the feedback you could be getting with a smaller strap. Imagine just a small strap over your middle finger. Now you have to swim and keep the paddle from slipping. It's more challenging technique-wise, and proper technique will give the proper strength benefit from the paddles as well. Example set:

  • 8 x 75 with 0:15 rest, first 6 with paddles, take paddles off for last two


TYR Swim KickboardA kickboard improves kick technique and builds lower body strength. We've chosen the TYR Classic Kickboard because it's classic and built to last.

How to use: Either put the full length of your arms over or on either side of the board, or hold the end of the board with your hands and push the board out in front of you. Many triathletes, especially those with strong run backgrounds, tend to struggle with proper kick technique and find kicking with a board very difficult. It is worth doing because if you have flaws in your technique the board will make them very apparent. Remember to point your toes and kick from your hips, not your knees. Bending your knees too much actually creates drag in the water, stopping you instead of propelling you forward.

Example set:

  • 10 x 25 sprint kick with board with 0:30 rest

Pull Float

TYR Swim Pull FloatA pull float helps you develop upper body strength and focus on technique work, while providing buoyancy. We've chosen the TYR Classic Pull Float for its simple design and durability.

How to use: Place between upper thighs and hold there. Sometimes it is also used placed between the ankles. One tip to help with technique is to focus on good turnover with a high elbow pull underwater. Do not let good technique go out the window to achieve a higher turnover, but don't let your turnover become too slow just because you have a little extra floatation!

Example set:

  • 3 x 300, done as #1 pull float and paddles, #2 pull float only, #3 pull float and paddles


Discount Tri Supply TowelAfter all that hard work, you'll need to dry off, so this bundle includes the Discount Tri Supply towel. (Discount Tri Supply is the name we used to use for our on-line store.) The towel 26 by 15 inches of absorbent 100% cotton.

Triathlon Training Swim Bundle:  Buy Now

Triathlon Race Ready Swim Bundle

Triathlon Race Ready Swim BundleSo that you'll be ready for race day, the triathlon race ready swim bundle includes everything listed above plus a wetsuit, products to care for your wetsuit, and an additional training tool: the snorkel. This is our most inclusive triathlon swim bundle.


TYR Ultralite Snorkel 2.0A swim training snorkel like the TYR Ultralite Snorkel 2.0 allows you to work on body alignment and can increase lung capacity.

How to use: Seal your mouth around the mouth piece and breath in and out. Many people will also find a nose plug very helpful. If you are going to do flip turns or submerge for anything else (to push off the wall) take a large breath in first, submerge while holding breath, blow out as you break the surface until all water is out of snorkel, and then resume normal breathing. Insert airflow restrictor valves on occasion as your ability level allows for lung capacity sets.

Example set:

  • 4 x 200, done as #1 snorkel, paddles, and pull float; #2 snorkel and paddles; #3 snorkel only; #4 swim


TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Wetsuit A wetsuit not only keeps you warm in cold water, it improves your body position and increases your speed. The TYR Hurricane Cat 1 Wetsuit has constriction-free range-of-motion zones in the shoulders, speed wrap paneling, and quick-release ankle cuffs.

Wetsuit Care Kit

TYR Wetsuit Care KitThe TYR Wetsuit Care Kit helps you protect your investment with conditioning detergent, zipper restorer, a wetsuit patching system, and Bodyglide® anti-chafe balm.

Triathlon Race Ready Swim Bundle:  Buy Now


It is our goal to help you get comfortable in the water, take your training to the next level, and rock out on race day. If you have any questions on our triathlon swim bundles, give us a call at 515-963-2445.

Be sure to read the collection of swimming articles on our blog.

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