Why Invest in a Quality Kids Bike

Why Invest in a Quality Kids Bike

Quality Kids Bikes are safe and durableby Alexa Middleton

The kids are out of school, summer weather is finally here, and it’s time to get your child back on a bike! At Kyle’s Bikes, we are passionate about helping you start your children out on their cycling journeys, and starting them out right.

When you come into our store to shop for a kids bike, you will notice that our prices are higher than big-box store prices. But there is a reason we stock the kids bikes we stock, and why you won’t find a princess-themed or Paw Patrol bike among them. We are only willing to sell you bikes that your kids can ride safely.

I asked our sales staff and mechanics why they think investing in a quality kids bike is worth it, and here’s what they gave me.

Our Bikes Are Built to Higher Standards

Our kids bikes are built with the same high-quality materials you’ll find in our adult bikes. Lighter-weight aluminum frames make for a faster, smoother ride (many lower-priced bike frames are made of heavier steel) . The brakes are up to our standards, unlike the flimsy brake pads and bendable metal mechanisms we often find in lower-quality bikes.

Our bikes are also assembled by our own knowledgeable staff, rather than people untrained in bicycle mechanics, often paid on a per-bike-build basis. We’ve seen bikes from big-box stores assembled with the front fork backwards! Poor materials plus a poor build result in unreliable bicycles that can fall apart.

Big-Box Store Bikes Don’t Last

Quality Kids bikes are built to last through multiple children and hold valueNot only are these poorly-assembled bikes prone to falling apart, they often can’t be fixed when they do. Unlike our bikes, lower-quality bikes are assembled from nonstandard parts whose measurements don’t match the replacement parts available in your local bike shop. You might be able to get it repaired where you purchased it, but that’s not always the case.

Our kids bikes will see you through more than one child and still have some value as a trade-in when your children outgrow it. If you bring a used bike you bought new from us back into our store within two years of purchase, the bike will be eligible for our Kids Bikes Trade-Up Program, getting you up to 50% of your original purchase price towards a bigger bike for your child. If a kids bike bought from us breaks down, we can fix almost anything and get your kids riding again in no time.

No Gimmicks to Lure You In

We understand that your child may beg you for a bike with a favorite cartoon character on it, but our bikes are built to last, as well as to withstand the ever-changing preferences of children. We don’t want to sell your kid a bike because of which cartoon face is painted on the frame. We want to sell parents on the fact that our bikes are safe and long-lasting. We sell kids bikes that are fun to ride, and we think your kids will get excited about the fun paint jobs, too.

We hope you will come in to either of our retail locations (Ankeny or Waukee) soon to let us help you find the best bike for your child.

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