Zipp Tangente Tube and Valve Stem Extenders: How To

Zipp Tangente Butyl Inner Tube

by Patrick Davis

Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders: How To

Learn about valve extender integration from Zipp Speed Weaponry.

Deep section carbon rims are much more common for everyday use than they used to be. They come in many different depths and brake surface types. Zipp's Tangente line has been the forefront of aerodynamics and functionality since it was introduced. Their most recent addition is a super sleek, holistic approach to air sealed valve extenders.


For a long time the standard valve adapters were used as follows:

  1. Unscrew presta valve top
  2. Screw on valve adapter
  3. Attempt to pump up tires to correct air pressure...

This worked... sometimes. Most of the time I gave up messing with it before the pressure was correct. Due to the presta head always being open and the leaky seal between extender and valve, it was nearly impossible to get the correct tire pressure.

A technique used to get a better seal was plumbers tape or a liquid sealant applied around the valve prior to threading on the valve. This worked until the tube had to be changed or the extender was un-threaded.


Here is Zipp's premium lineup. If you want to get a tight seal every time and have correct pressure readings this is what you want.

Zipp Tangente Butyl Inner Tube1. Zipp Tangente Butyl Inner Tube

700c x 18–25 mm 37 mm presta valve tube

Valve core is easily removable

Tube weight is 87 g

Retail $10  Buy Now

Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders2. Zipp Tangente Valve Extenders

Aluminum construction

Lengths include: 27 mm for 303, 41 mm for 404, 65 mm for 808, 91 mm for 1080

For tubular tires go up one size due to shorter 25 mm valve length

Each sold separately

Retail $9–12  Buy Now

Zipp Wrench Set3. Zipp Wrench Set

Aluminum construction

Comes in a pack of 2 4/5 mm sizes

Work perfectly for removing valve cores and tightening the connection between valve and extender

Retail $7  Buy Now

Zipp Tangente Valve Extender Kit4. Zipp Tangente Valve Extender Kit

Kit includes three integrated valve extenders and two wrenches.

Length choices: 27 mm for 303, 41 mm for 404, 65 mm for 808, 91 mm for 1080

Retail $25  Buy Now


After finding the correct valve length for your rim, start with the tube.

Start with the tube

Use the 4mm wrench and unscrew the valve core.

Unscrew the valve core

Now it's time for the extender.

Time for the extender

Screw the core from the tube into the extender.

Screw the core into the extender

Use the wrenches to get the valve and extender snug.

Get the valve and extender snug

As suggested, I went with a 27 mm extender on my 303 Firecrest carbon clincher and it is perfect!

Ready to go!

Other companies make extenders with removable valve cores, but I prefer to use components from the same company. Personally I believe that if they were designed together, they should be used together.

I hope this comes in handy the next time you are considering tubes and extenders for your wheels.

- Patrick

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