Bont Vaypor Classic Cycling Road Shoe

SKU: Bont-Vaypor-Classic-Cycling-Road-Shoe


Bont Vaypor Classic Cycling Road Shoe

The Vaypor Classic combines technology with the simplicity and elegance of old school lacing.


  • Durolite upper and liner is extremely durable and light weight
  • Manufactured with a matt carbon unidirectional finish to further reduce the weight of the shoe
  • TPU Toe Protector at the front area of the shoe protects from wheel rub and impact and houses ventilation holes
  • Fully heat moldable 100% Carbon chassis (utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin) and EVA thermo moldable innersole
  • The shoe is built around the replica of a foot to ensure the closest fit
  • Ventilation is maximized by including ventilation holes across the tongue, top of the forefoot, through the front bumper and arch area of the shoe
  • Kevlar-like material is stitched to the outer skin and bonded to the liner so it can never move or be removed, it becomes part of the cycling shoes structure, and assits in pedaling efficiency by maintaining a supportive structure over the top of the foot in the upward part of the pedal stroke
  • Uni-directional carbon fiber is strong and absorbs less resin then cross weave fibers, to assist in weight reduction
  • Closed cell memory foam that will not retain water, maintaining a lighter shoe during wet conditions as well as ensuring sweat is not absorbed, adding durability
  • Structural medial longitudinal arch support is provided in all models to stop over pronation of feet
  • Anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position
  • Increased stability during the pull through stage of pedaling stroke and up stroke, provided by an Anatomical Heel Cup
  • Lateral forefoot support for neutral positioning of the forefoot


SKU Bont-Vaypor-Classic-Cycling-Road-Shoe
Gender Unisex
Cleat Bolts 3-hole
Manufacturer's Part # BVCB-48


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