Challenge Chicane Team Edition S 320tpi Tubular Tire-Black/White

SKU: 8855627118650



Challenge Chicane Team Edition S 320tpi Tubular Tire

A versatile tire intended for dry, grassy, dusty or icy conditions.


  • Tread pattern combines a traditional file tread center with aggressive side knobs for cornering security in looser conditions
  • Softer natural rubber compound and corespun cotton casing construction saves weight, offers a supple feel and focuses on control and performance
  • Seamless latex inner tube inside to reduce rolling resistance, as well as enhance comfort and speed
  • PPS flat resistance
  • Handmade, sewn tubular construction
  • A basetape-to-tread sealant protects the cotton casing from the elements and maintains the tire's suppleness


SKU 8855627118650
Tire Size 700 x 33
Wheel Size 700c
Tire Type Tubular
Color Black/White
Manufacturer's Part # 11865


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