Cobb V-Flow HC170 Triathlon Bicycle TT/Road Bike Saddle

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Cobb V-Flow HC170 Triathlon Bicycle TT/Road Bike Saddle

The Cobb V-Flow HC170 Triathlon TT/Road Bike Saddle will be a new saddle for Road Racers. HC [Hard Core] 170 [weight ] is a minimally padded seat with a newly developed Polymer shell that flexes and molds to the riders butt.


  • Incorporates Cobb's "thigh guides" so the rider doesn't get chafing from the seat edges.
  • Comes in both Black and White finish using a new Microfiber material with a true leather feel.
  • Not designed for touring, it is a Race saddle and it has very minimal padding in the nose.
  • Test riders, which were all experienced Cat 1,2,3 cyclist, found it to be very comfortable even on 85 mile training rides.

Note: The HC170 is not recommended for women.


Weight170 g


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