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Cobb V-Flow Plus Triathlon TT/Road Bike Saddle

SKU: Cobb_V-Flow_Plus_Triathlon_TT/Road_Bike_Saddle


Cobb V-Flow Triathlon Bicycle TT/Road Bike Saddle

Introducing the Cobb V-Flow Plus Triathlon TT/Road Bike Saddle. By understanding all the strong features of the original VFlow saddle, Cobb was able to make some improvements that warranted a new saddle. As he continued his research on rider comfort, it became clear that pelvis/hip socket location as well as rider size and weight could further affect seat comfort.

Since Cobb has been riding and racing for over thirty years, he knows the comfort issues that often plague male riders. He understands numbness and pain and has therefore dedicated his time to finding a solution. He knows that seat comfort changes each time new equipment is added, handlebar placement is changed, or when ones training or racing goals change, requiring a different position on the bike.

This new VFlow Plus saddle is ideal for riders who like variety and often change riding positions. It is also ideal for those who may carry a few extra pounds or who have narrower hip width. Cobb knows that in order to achieve great cycling performance, the basics have to be done right. If riders rotate their pelvis forward, it opens the diaphragm more. Also, if they pedal with more upper body energy, it stimulates more muscle groups. These things can be done easily with the properly designed seat that works for riders, not against them.


  • Under seat Airflow management for improved chamois ventilation
  • Specially formulated memory foam for all day comfort and to maintain blood flow
  • Molded in, seat base design to help cradle and hold the rider, relieving lower back pain
  • Saddle covering, selected to last for those long rides and work with any bike shorts
  • Relief design to help eliminate numbness
  • Increased foam thickness creates a relief channel to further eliminate numbness


SKU Cobb_V-Flow_Plus_Triathlon_TT/Road_Bike_Saddle


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