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Cobb V-Flow SHC 170 Road Bicycle Triathlon Bike Saddle

SKU: Cobb_V-Flow_SHC_170_Road_Bicycle_Triathlon_Bike_Saddle


Cobb V-Flow SHC 170 Road Bicycle Triathlon Bike Saddle

The newest addition to the Cobb Cycling lineup, the Cobb V-Flow SHC 170 Road Triathlon Bike Saddle was designed for riders looking for a narrow nose width while still having long distance comfort. We combined our specially engineered, moldable base section with our thinnest memory foam to give you a light weight saddle that has great comfort. There is a strategically placed cutout to help with numbness and nerve pressure, along with Titanium seat rails for lighter weight. The nose measures just 38mm and then tapers back to our 130mm rear section. Even big guys at 250+ lbs. find this comfortable so don't be afraid to go narrow, it's the shape of the seat top surface that gives comfort.


SKU Cobb_V-Flow_SHC_170_Road_Bicycle_Triathlon_Bike_Saddle
Weight 202 grams


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