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Finish Line Chill Zone Penetrating Lube

SKU: Finish-Line-Chill-Zone-Penetrating-Lube


For use on seized parts, Chill Zone uses a special refrigerant propellant that freezes metal as low as -50 degrees F. This causes contraction of the metal and creates micro cracks in the rust. A penetrating release agent breaks down and flushes out the rust.

  • Great for frozen crank bolts, seized seat posts and rusty chains and derailleurs
  • Includes oils and rust inhibitors to provide lubrication and protection after use
  • Use: Spray the rusted part for 10 to 20 seconds and wait 2-3 minutes for the release agent to fully wick in and break the rust. For severe rust-welded parts, spray 30-60 seconds for maximum freezing effect and wait ten minutes to one hour for thorough break-down of rust. When rehabbing a bicycle chain, soak one small section at a time.


SKU Finish-Line-Chill-Zone-Penetrating-Lube
Component Used On General
Tool Type Cleaning & Lubrication
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