Garmin ANT+ HRM-Run Monitor

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Garmin HRM-Run

Pair your compatible Garmin device with the HRM-Run to get your heart rate and real-time feedback about your running form.


HRM-Run has an accelerometer in the module that measures torso movement to calculate 3 running metrics:

  • Cadence — the number of steps per minute. It displays the total steps (right and left combined)
  • Vertical oscillation — the bounce in your running motion. It displays the vertical motion of your torso (measured in centimeters)
  • Ground contact time — the amount of time in each step that your foot spends on the ground while running (measured in milliseconds)
  • Left/right ground contact time balance — percentage of your ground contact time spent on the left or right foot
  • Stride length — length of your stride (measured in meters)
  • Vertical ratio — ratio of your vertical oscillation to stride length
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BatteryReplaceable CR1632 coin cell battery
Manufacturer's Part #010-10997-12