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Garmin ANT+ Vector Pedal-Based Power Meter

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The Garmin Vector Pedal-Based Power Meter is unlike any other power meter.

The concept behind Vector is to measure where the force is applied: at the pedal. A sensor in the hollow spindle of the pedal measurse the deflection of the pedal spindle for the entire pedal stroke. This means that in addition to measuring total power, Vector can accurately measure how balanced you are.

Vector is easy to buy, install, and use.

The system fits the vast majority of cranks on the market, and Garmin has provided a short video (shown below) which you can view to ensure Vector will fit your bike before you make your purchase. Once your Vector arrives, simply take the pedals and pedal pods out to the box and install them on you bike with the included instructions.

Vector pairs with your head unit like any ANT+ power meter and setting Vector before your first ride is as simple as pedaling at 80 to 90 rpm for about 10 pedal strokes and then pressing the calibrate button on your head unit.

Enhancements and firmware updates are easily downloaded from the Internet and the batteries (2032 coin cell) are also user replaceable. No advanced technical knowledge is needed to install, use, or maintain Vector, and Garmin provides a series of clear step-by-step videos on their Vector owners site should you ever have any questions.

Garmin Vector Pedal-Based Power Meter is the clear choice if you want to train with power (the most effective way to train) using a system that doesn't involve any mechanical tradeoffs, is easy to move from bike to bike, and offers direct measurement of left/right balance.


  • ANT+ so you have multiple head unit options
  • Total power (watts)
  • Left/right power balance (%) - for head units capable of displaying this
  • Cadence (rpm)
  • Training Stress Score (TSS)
  • Intensity Factor (IF)
  • Additional metrics
  • Garmin limited 2-year warranty


  • Weight (approximate, per pedal): pedal = 152 g, pedal pod = 23 g, cleats/hardware = 38 g, total = 212 g per pedal
  • Material: Composite body, stainless steel wear plate, CNC-machined stainless steel spindle
  • Battery: User-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Battery Life: Minimum of 175 hrs active cycling
  • Compatibility: LOOK Keo cleats


  • 2 Pedals
  • 2 Pedal pods
  • 2 Cleats (six degree float) and cleat hardware
  • ANT+ USB stick
  • Documentation
  • Washers

Required Tools

  • Standard 15 mm pedal wrench
  • Set of hex wrenches, specifically 3 mm and 4 mm sizes
  • Grease


SKU 753759982591
Key Features Bike Power Data
Weight 1.4200
Sensor Communication ANT+
Color Black
Manufacturer's Part # 010-00994-00


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