Garmin Vector S Pedals-15-18 mm

SKU: 753759126902



Garmin Vector S Pedals

Vector S changes how power is measured and how cyclists get power. Vector S measures power at the pedal, where force is applied. It’s a direct measurement power meter that delivers reliable, accurate data. This single-sensing system measures forces on the left pedal to approximate total power.


  • Affordable power meter with option to upgrade to dual-sensing system
  • Measures power output at the pedal, where force is applied
  • Calculates average power at various time intervals
  • Measures cadence and total power (watts)
  • ANT+™ wireless protocol


SKU 753759126902
Cleat Bolts 3-hole
Cleat Style Look Keo
Color Black
Weight 211.8 g (left pedal), 201.0 g (right pedal)
Manufacturer's Part # 010-00994-11


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