Hammer Nutrition Recoverite 32 Servings

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Hammer Nutrition Recoverite 32 Servings

Athletic performance improvement depends on a program of exercise to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular adaptation followed by a recovery period in which the body rebuilds itself slightly more fit than before. Thus, the real gain of exercise occurs during recovery, but only in the presence of adequate rest and optimal nutritional support. Carbohydrate and protein replenishment, as soon as possible upon completion of your workout, helps you to get the very most out of every minute you've put into training. That's where Recoverite comes in, providing unsurpassed nutritional support to ensure you obtain the maximum value from your workouts and complete recovery after each training session and race.

Recoverite supplies carbohydrates and protein in an ideal 3:1 ratio for superior glycogen synthesis and muscle tissue rebuilding, the two main components of recovery. For carbohydrates Recoverite contains only maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, to ensure rapid metabolism. Unlike most recovery products that contain simple sugars, maltodextrin provides a large volume of easily digested and rapidly assimilated carbohydrate, vital for preventing stomach distress and promoting full, efficient restoration of muscle glycogen.

Recoverite contains only whey protein isolate, which is virtually fat—and lactose—free, and yields the highest percentage of protein. For rebuilding lean muscle tissue and immune system support, whey protein isolate has no peer; it's simply the purest form of whey protein available. In addition, each serving of Recoverite also contains a potent, recovery-boosting three grams of l-glutamine.

Recoverite supplies other recovery-enhancing nutrients such as ChromeMate® chromium polynicotinate (for maximizing muscle glycogen synthesis) and l-carnosine, a powerful antioxidant and potential anti-aging nutrient. Recoverite also contains a full-spectrum electrolyte profile to replenish depleted essential minerals.


  • Restores muscle glycogen
  • Rebuilds muscle tissue
  • Reduces post-exercise soreness
  • Made with natural ingredients
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SKU: Hammer-Nutrition-Recoverite-32-Servings
Crank Arm Length145 mm
IngredientsMaltodextrin, Whey Protein Isolate, L-Glutamine, Natural Flavor, Calcium Chelate, Xylitol, Magnesium Chelate, Stevia Extract, Potassium Chelate, L-Carnosine, Glycine, Salt, L-Tyrosine, Manganese Chelate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Chromium Polynicotinate.
Manufacturer's Part #4223
Nutrition ContentTotal Carbohydrate 33 g 11%*, Sugars 3 g †, Protein 10 g , Calcium 92 mg 9%, Iron 0.1 mg 1%, Magnesium 38 mg 10%, Chromium 41 mcg 34%, Chloride 90 mg 3%, Sodium 60 mg 3%, Potassium 85 mg 2%, Glycine 50 mg †, L-Carnosine 60 mg †, L-Glutamine 3 g †, Tyrosine 17 mg †, *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet., †Daily Value not established.
FormDrink Mix