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Cyclists' Choice Tl-1544 Stainless Lockring/15Mm Bottom Bracket Tool

  • Includes two Gold bullet shaped bolts to attach to water bottle cage bosses
  • Bottle Opener
  • 15mm wrench

 Cyclists' Choice (Mr. Control) - Fixie Tool with Water Bottle Cage BoltsThis handy, yet simple, lockring tool is a chrome plated, stainless steel multi tool useful for basic fixie, track, and single speed bike needs.There was a discussion started about how the Mr. Control Lock-ring tool couldn't possibly be stainless since it is magnetic. Well, lucky for you guys, I am here to dispel that myth. How is that you say? It sticks to a magnet! Well I will tell you. It's chrome plated. Hell, you could chrome plate one of my turds and it would stick to a magnet as well. Don't believe me that this is stainless AND chrome plated? Take a look at the two holes in the side of the tool itself. You will notice that the color changes to a slight brown. That's the raw stainless steel poking out.So where does that leave us. Well for $22.19 (Dealer Cost) you get yourself a Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel lock-ring remover. But wait... there's more! You also get a 12 pointed 15mm box wrench for axle nuts or bottom bracket bolts. Sounds too good to be true you say. Oh we're just getting started. Happen to ride around with bottled beer? That's right, you get a bottle opener as well. Need a place to put this fancy ass wrench? Guess what, you also get some trick gold anodized alloy water bottle cage bolts. So for $22.19 you get a multi tool that will never rust even if the Chrome Plating wears through. Sounds like a good deal to me. The Trixie Fixies tool won't do that.

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