Park Tool - HTR-1 Bicycle Head Tube Reaming & Facing Set

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Park Tool - HTR-1 Bicycle Head Tube Reaming & Facing Set

Proper frame preparation is very important. The HTR-1 combines reaming and facing of the head tube to create a perfect fit for most sizes of head cups.

SHIS terminology: The HTR-1 as stock will face frames of EC29, EC30, EC34 and EC37. It will ream frames of EC30. Accessories will allow service in other standards.

NOTE: For sharpening services of cutting tools see Park Tool Sharpening Services. Always use cutting fluid such as Park Tool CF-2 when machining.


  • Includes 30.1 mm reamer (part #751.2) and four different size pilots (29.8mm, 30.0mm, 33.8mm, and 36.8mm)
  • Quick-release, quick-adjust feature: bottom portion slides off and on easily without threading


Component Used OnFrame
Tool TypeSpecialty
Tool CategoryShop
Manufacturer's Part #HTR-1


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