SBR TRISLIDE All-Sport Skin & Wetsuit Lubricant Spray

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SBR TRISLIDE All-Sport Skin & Wetsuit Lubricant Spray

Triathlon can be uncomfortable.

SBR's TRISLIDE lasts for hours and prevents the blistering, chafing, and irritation associated with swimming, biking, and running. TRISLIDE sprays on everywhere you need it.

Swimming: Apply to your underarms to avoid chafing. Use it to ease entry into and speed exit from your wetsuit. TRISLIDE is waterproof and safe on neoprene.

Biking: TRISLIDE is the preferred chamois anti-chafing treatment for cyclists to eliminate saddle sores because one application of TRISLIDE goes on silky smooth and stays on without a squishy, wet chamois feeling or greasy lube residue.

Running: TRISLIDE successfully combats blistering and hotspots on your feet and all general skin chafing: inner thigh, underarms, sports bra, chest, and neck. It is sweat-proof and will last for hours.

TRISLIDE can be used for any sport that would otherwise lead to skin irritation: rowing, hiking, cross country skiing, racket ball, and more. Because TRISLIDE sprays on, your hands stay clean.


  • Silicone-based, safe on neoprene
  • Easy and non-messy to apply
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof
  • Easily removed with soap and water

Staff Recommendation

TRISLIDE is "Tri-Clyde Approved" because it eliminates chafing and discomfort from friction on the bike and while running. The spray applicator means he doesn't have messy hands or icky cross-contamination when using it on "personal areas."

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Manufacturer's Part #TSLIDE0001P
Size/Amount4 oz. (113 g)