Serfas Seat Stay Taillight

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Serfas Seat Stay Taillight

Designed to be strapped onto your seat stay, this taillight can actually be strapped to nearly any part of your bike. It can be mounted or removed in just a couple seconds. It's water resistant and has a variety of steady, flashing, and strobing modes so you can always be seen.


  • One 1/2-watt super-bright red LED, plus six 4-mm red LEDs
  • Four modes: Steady (20 lumens/33.5 hours), Flashing (20 lumens/36.3 hours), Strobe (20 lumens/35.4 hours), Alternating Flash (20 lumens/58.4 hours)
  • Unique mounting system with endless mounting possibilities 
  • Water resistant


Lumens20 lumens
Run TimeUp to 100 hours
BatteryTwo lithium CR2032 coin cell batteries included
Weight36 g w/ straps
MaterialSilicone body and straps
Manufacturer's Part #TL-STN


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