Speedfil Complete, Black Sok, and Tube Clip Bundle

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Speedfil Complete, Black Sok, and Tube Clip Bundle

What is "complete"? This is.

Start with the Speedfil™ Hydration System. It makes drinking on the bike easier, replaces the need for multiple water bottles, and enhances aerodynamics. The wind-tunnel developed, frame-mounted system smooths airflow around the frame while in motion. Tubing and an erect bite valve between the aerobars keep fluid at the ready, allowing the you to maintain an aerodynamic position while riding. The system can be refilled on the fly, and the dual splash resistant opening allows for rapid refills with minimal fluid splashing.

The tube clip holds it right in place.

Add the Speedfil™ SpeedSok. The neoprene sock fits securely for better insulation to keep your fluid cold and to maintain aerodynamics.

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Capacity40+ oz. (1.2 L)