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Squeal Out Anti-squeal Disc Brake Paste

SKU: Squeal-Out-Anti-squeal-Disc-Brake-Paste

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Squeal Out Anti-squeal Disc Brake Paste

The mild, non-toxic, abrasive in Squeal Out disc brake paste works to eliminate the squeal, humming and chattering that occurs from dirty, glazed or contaminated rotors and disc brake pads.

  • Pad and rotor resurfacing paste
  • Designed to remove contaminants from rotors
  • Do not use on chrome or carbon fiber rotors
  • Follow instructions for best results
  • Use in the winter to remove road salt and contaminants
  • An economical solution for riders and shops


SKU Squeal-Out-Anti-squeal-Disc-Brake-Paste
Component Used On Brake
Tool Type Cleaning & Lubrication
Tool Location Shop


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