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The Stick Flex Stick

SKU: 693741026509



The Stick Flex Stick

The Stick is a "Toothbrush for Muscles." Regular use can keep your muscles healthy and functioning at peak performance.

The Flex Stick, with 17 1-inch beads on a flexible core, is the most flexible of the long models. It is 26" long and has green handles. It is ideal for full body massage for someone with a lean build, particularly those over 5' 10". It's also excellent for those who lack flexibility and want to treat all their own major muscle groups or for those who prefer a light massage.

With The Stick you can roll knots out of sore muscles to relieve pain and increase range of motion. Promote flexibility and accelerate recovery by using The Stick to warm muscles, increase circulation, and encourage blood flow. Depth of massage and amount of pressure can be modified to your preference by placing your hands closer together on The Stick.


SKU 693741026509
Dimensions Length: 26"
Flex Flexible
Color Green
Manufacturer's Part # DC-2650


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