Triathlon Training Swim Kit


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Triathlon Training Swim Kit

Improve the effectiveness of the time you spend in the pool. The Triathlon Training Swim Kit starts with the basics (swim cap, goggles, water bottle, and bag) and adds swim training tools: fins, hand paddles, kickboard, and pull float. It even includes a gym towel.


Swim Cap: The TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap stretches without tearing and goes on easily. Once on, the cap keeps your hair out of the way and stays on without pulling or tugging.

Goggles: TYR Velocity Metallized Goggles have low-profile lenses which provide excellent peripheral vision, are anti-fog and UV protected, and reflect light and reduce glare. They are ideal for racing and training, particularly outdoors in the sun.

Water Bottle: The Specialized 24-ounce Big Mouth bottle has an ice-cube-friendly top and easy-squeeze sides.

Bag: The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack carries all your gear to the pool and back. The straps make it easy to carry, and the mesh panels help everything to air out.

Fins: TYR Burner EBP Fins will help you to become a stronger kicker while keeping your kick speed up (high cadence).

Hand Paddles: TYR Mentor 2 Training Paddles because they are perfect for swimmers of all levels; are durable, lightweight, and flexible; and have a variety of lacing options.

Kickboard: A kickboard improves kick technique and builds lower body strength. The TYR Classic Kickboard is classic and built to last.

Pull Float: A pull float helps you develop upper body strength and focus on technique work, while providing buoyancy. The TYR Classic Pull Float has a simple design and durability.

Towel: Discount Tri Supply is the former name of our on-line store. The towel is still 26 by 15 inches of absorbent 100% cotton.


Get help comparing our triathlon swim kits and help sizing paddles and fins with our Triathlon Swim Bundles Buying Guide.

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