Trigger Point Foot and Lower Leg Kit

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Trigger Point Foot and Lower Leg Kit

 The Foot & Lower Leg Kit provides Performance Therapy products and instruction to restore and maintain a strong foundation. Learn how to compress and release the muscles of the lower leg and foot to reduce pain and improve movement.

Ideal for runners, walkers, cyclists or anyone seeking improved mobility, this kit provides highly effective products to safely release and maintain function in the lower leg and foot. The Foot & Lower Leg Kit is best for anyone experiencing aches and pains in areas such as the plantar fascia, heel, achilles tendon, arch, calf, shins, soleus and metatarsals.

Regular use of this kit will help restore and maintain natural ease of movement.


  • Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD provides simple instructions to use TriggerPoint products to release aches and pains in the foot and lower leg that prevent feeling good and moving well. Follow along with TriggerPoint Founder and CEO, Cassidy Phillips and learn effective Myofascial Compression Techniques for the soleus, calf, peroneus and anterior tibialis.
  • Body Biomechanics Foot and Lower Leg DVD is a friendly introduction to the biomechanics of the foot and lower leg to illustrate the importance of mobility and how TriggerPoint helps restore and maintain natural ease of movement. Includes pointers on hydration, icing and stretching.


SKU 858787002058
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