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Trigger Point Hip and Lower Back Kit

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Trigger Point Hip and Lower Back Kit

The Hip & Lower Back Kit provides Performance Therapy products and instruction to restore mobility in the hips and to reduce aches and pains in the lower back. It's no secret that daily activities like sitting, standing and driving all affect how we feel and move.

Learn how to release and restore and maintain mobility in the muscles that support the hips and lower back such as the IT band, knee, hamstrings, piriformis, sciatic nerve, lower back, psoas, and quadriceps.


  • The Body Biomechanics for the Hip and Lower Back DVD is an introduction to the biomechanics of this important area. Learn how the muscles, bones and fascia (soft tissue) connect to understand movement patterns and how you can change the way you sit, stand and move to achieve optimal movement.
  • The Performance Therapy for Hip & Lower Back DVD teaches viewers how to use TriggerPoint products to restore natural ease of movement and then instructs a class to release the soleus, calf, quads, inner quad, psoas and piriformis.


SKU 858787002041
Manufacturer's Part # TPT-KIT-HPW


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