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Vittoria Corsa G+ Folding Bead Tubular Tire

SKU: Vittoria-Corsa-G+-Folding-Bead-Tubular-Tire

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Vittoria Corsa G+ Folding Bead Tubular Tire


  • Corsa has 19% less rolling resistance compared to the same Vittoria product without pristine Graphene, also showing superior grip and durability
  • Graphene (G+) is a very thin material (as thin as a single atom), and nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. One gram covers over 2,500 square meters - and in the pure form (the only form that Vittoria uses) it is 200 times stronger than steel and 6 times more flexible
  • If the tire is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance
  • If the rider breaks, accelerates, or corners, the compound softens and offers more grip


SKU Vittoria-Corsa-G+-Folding-Bead-Tubular-Tire
Wheel Size 700c
Tire Type Tubular
Color N/A


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