XLAB Delta 200 Rear Water Bottle System

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XLAB Delta 200 Rear Water Bottle System

For a light single bottle rear hydration system with a tight grip, choose the XLAB Delta 200 for triathlon and cycling. The Delta 200 mounts your bottle to the saddle rails placing it where it is not only easy to reach, but is also hiding in your wind shadow. This is an aerodynamic solution with no measurable drag, unlike frame-mounted bottles.

The carbon fiber XLAB Gorilla XT cage holds your bottle most tightly and requires 14 lbs of grip force to remove the bottle.

Use this as your only bottle for a short ride, or to refill an aerobar mounted system. If you have the XLAB Torpedo on your aerobars, simply swap the empty bottle with the spare bottle from the Delta 200. This combination of systems is ideal for longer training rides or century rides, where an extra bottle is necessary so you can have your favorite mix with you at all times.


  • Aerodynamic: Hides in rider's draft
  • Mounts to saddle
  • Stable design: Uses locking hardware and a strong, sturdy mount
  • Tightest grip cage: Takes 14 lbs of grip force to pull a bottle out
  • Takes standard water bottle for easy swapping and easy clean-up
  • XLAB X-Strike CO2 holder can be mounted to it


  • Mount
  • Gorilla XT cage
  • Installation hardware and instructions


For ISM Adamo saddles, use the Delta 225.

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More Information
Manufacturer's Part #1676
MaterialCarbon fiber cage, proprietary composite mount