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XLAB Sonic Wing Rear Dual H2O (for Cervelo) -Surface Blems

SKU: XLAB_Sonic_Wing_Rear_Dual_H2O_(for_Cervelo)_-Surface_Blems


XLAB Sonic Wing Rear Dual Water Bottle System (for Cervelo)

The XLAB Sonic Wing is the most versatile alloy hydration and repair tool carrier for Cervélo™ P2, P3, and P4.

Mount the XLAB Sonic Wing to the two holes on your Cervélo seat post and carry water bottles, CO2 and inflator, tubes and tires, tire levers, and/or a bag in your wind shadow for the fastest way to carry fluids and gear. Basically, all your gear "drafts" behind you.

The Sonic wing comes with two X-Straps to carry tubes and tires, tire levers, or bags. Add one or two cages to hold standard water bottles. Add the XLAB Sonic Nut to carry CO2 cartridges and an inflator. Add a bag for additional storage.

Save some money and pick up this surface blem for BIG Savings!


  • Designed specifically for Cervélo P2, P3, and P4, mounts on seat post holes
  • Custom fit with 30 cage and carrier angles
  • When installed in the high position, air flows cleanly around the aero seat post.
  • Anti-sway design: compact, dual stabilizers, energy saving
  • Easy installation
  • Many options so you can customize for what you want to carry
  • Standard water bottles means easy to clean


  • Alloy wing
  • X-Straps
  • Two anti-drag discs
  • Installation hardware and instructions


For ISM saddles with a transition hook, the saddle works well if you use the Cervélo™ clamp in the front hole of the seat post. If you have the clamp in the rear hole, it is necessary to invert the XLAB carrier in order to miss the transition hook on the saddles.

This discounted, blemished Sonic Wing is fully functional. It simply has surface blemishes that affect its appearance.


SKU XLAB_Sonic_Wing_Rear_Dual_H2O_(for_Cervelo)_-Surface_Blems
Weight Chassis 60 g, hardware 35 g, straps 9 g
Material Aircraft aluminum alloy, steel hardware
Compatibility Seat posts with 2 mounting holes


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