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XLAB Torpedo Aluminum Mount for Aerobars

SKU: XLAB_Torpedo_Aluminum_Mount_for_Aerobars


XLAB Torpedo Aluminum Mount

The XLAB Torpedo bottle cage mount is the fastest front hydration mount. Place a standard water bottle horizontally between your bicycle aerobars, the most aerodynamic hydration position. Having the bottle in front makes it easy to access and is a constant reminder to drink. The XLAB mount is specially designed to be light and aerodynamic with no drag penalty.

The mount fits bars that are 9 to 14 cm apart, center to center, and uses four non-stretch polyester straps which will not lose tension in the sun as zip ties do. Silicone coating prevents the straps slipping on the bars. The mount fits clear of the steerer cap and the bottle cage can be adjusted 1.5" forward and backward on the mount.

Add the XLAB Torpedo Cage for the lowest drag or use or the XLAB Chimp Cage for bumpy or hilly roads. Either cage is perfect with the XLAB Aqua-Shot Bottle for Sprint Tris or 20km TTs. Add an XLAB Aero TT Cage & Bottle to your frame for Olympic Tris or 40km TTs. In 70.3 or Ironman races it's even more beneficial to eliminate the huge drag from front vertical bottles and straws.


  • Wind tunnel tests confirm zero drag unlike the substantial drag of vertical bottles.
  • Easy installation and removal. No tools required.
  • Fits bars 9-14 cm apart, center to center.
  • Perfect with the XLAB Torpedo Cage or XLAB Chimp Cage and XLAB Aqua-Shot Bottle.
  • XLAB Computer Mount can be mounted to it.


  • Aluminum aircraft mount plate
  • 4 Silicone coated non-stretch polyester straps
  • 2 M5x12 mounting screws, washers, and Nyloc nuts
  • Instructions


SKU XLAB_Torpedo_Aluminum_Mount_for_Aerobars
Weight 49 g
Material Aluminum aircraft mount, Silicone coated non-stretch polyester straps


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