XLAB Wingman 100 Aerobar Storage-Left

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XLAB Wingman 100 Aerobar Storage

There is no place easier to reach than your aerobars. Put your nutrition right there. The tapered design of the Wingman bag actually reduces the drag caused by your cow horn bar.

The Wingman comes in two varieties: Wingman Left and Wingman Right. Wingman Left fits in front of the cow horn bar on the left or can be mounted behind the bar on the right. Wingman Right fits in front of the bar on the right or can be mounted behind the bar on the left. (The side of the bag with two straps attaches to the cow horn bar and the side with one strap attaches to the aerobar.)


  • Non-slip surfaces grip bars
  • Tapered aero design reduces cow horn drag
  • Holds up to six gels per bag
  • Located within easy reach while riding
  • Twin zipper pulls for fast access


SKU 817195010963
Weight 1.7 oz. (48 g)
Dimensions 5.5" x 4" x 1.25" (14 cm x 10 cm x 3.2 cm)
Capacity 22 cu. in. (354 cc)
Color Black
Manufacturer's Part # 2093


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