Xtenex X300 Flared Knot Laces-30"-Gold

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Xtenex X300 Flared Knot Laces

Xtenex X300 Flared Knot Laces are elastic with a series of knots at consistent intervals. It install, stretch the lace so the knots disappear and slip it through the eyelets. Release and the knots reappear to hold the laces in place. Create a custom fit by positioning more knots where you want a looser fit and few knots where you want a tighter fit.

The X300 is the flagship of the Xtenex lace lineup. Perfect for running, they come in enough colors you may just find yourself wanting them for every pair of shoes you own.


  • Simple, no plastic pieces
  • Allow different compression zones
  • Easy to use


Length 30"
Color Gold


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