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Zipp Aerobar Vuka Alumina Clip Top Mount w/ Al Ski-Tip 22.2mm Extensions

SKU: 710845700187



Zipp Aerobar Vuka Alumina Clip Top Mount w/ Al Ski-Tip 22.2mm Extensions

The Vuka Alumina Clip is all about providing the ultimate in fit, security and adjustability for you to be faster and more efficient in your triathlon or time-trial aero position. And it’s offered at an affordable price, too.

Made from 2014 series aluminum, the clip is available with an above-bar or below-bar mounting system for achieving an optimized aero position. The clip also has a large armrest for increased comfort. The Vuka Alumina Clip is made with the industry standard 22.2 mm clamp diameter for maximum versatility, making it compatible for Vuka Alumina Extensions, the new Vuka Extensions (carbon) as well as most extensions on the market.


  • Weight:
    • Vuka Alumina Top Mount 310g
    • Vuka Alumina Bottom mount 295g
  • Clamping torque:
    • Clip to bar 7Nm
    • Extension clamp 4Nm
    • Extension fit 22.2 +0.15 -0.05mm
  • Stack at pad (adjustability):
    • Min 37mm per side
    • Max 110mm per side
    • Adjustment 73mm per side
    • Total Adjustment 146mm
  • Pad Reach:
    • Min behind center 50mm per side
    • Max in front of center 50mm per side
    • Adjustment 100mm per side
    • Total Adjustment 200mm
  • Reach (extension fore/aft):
    • Min 0mm per extension
    • Max 55mm per extension
    • Adjustment 110mm
  • Pad Width:
    • Max 90mm
    • Adjustment 90mm Total
  • Extension Width on base bar:
    • per side 25mm
    • Adjustment 50mm Total
  • Vuka Alumina Ski-Tip:
    • Ski-Tip places you in a position for speed as well as long-haul comfort. 185 grams.


SKU 710845700187
Weight Vuka Alumina Top Mount: 310g, Vuka Alumina Bottom mount: 295g
Dimensions 295g
Material Aluminum
Manufacturer's Part # 00.6618.020.002


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