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Zipp Tangente Valve Extender Kit

SKU: Zipp_Tangente_Integrated_Valve_Extenders_Kit


Zipp Integrated Valve Extender Kit

The Zipp Tangente Integrated Valve Extender Kit includes three integrated valve extenders for Zipp butyl inner tubes with a removable core. They also work with other leading tubular tires and inner tubes that have removable cores. The third extender is so your spare tube is ready to go when you need it.

(Note: These extenders are not compatible with some older model Zipp Tangente™ Tubular Tires. Those tires use the older Zipp Valve Extenders.)

The core is located at the end of the valve extender for ease of use, and the extenders feature an integrated air seal.

The kit also includes two wrenches, each with a 5 mm "open" end and 4 mm "closed" end, designed to allow you to properly assemble the Zipp integrated valve extenders.


SKU Zipp_Tangente_Integrated_Valve_Extenders_Kit
Valve Presta
Material Lightweight aluminum


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